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By Melvin Casey L.M.T



Are you looking for more than a surface massage of your muscles? Do you want something that goes deeper…that awakens your chakras, clears blockages in your energy flow and helps you experience and express your luminous spirit? Melvin Casey is a premium provider of Holistic Healing. His mission is toeducate, adjust and empower individuals and families to a better quality of life with conservative natural methods. Melvin specializes in orthopedic massage and muscular therapy that includes chronic pain relief, trauma recovery and personal empowerment through massage, healing, and Consulting.



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Patient Testimonies


Richard Walker-Sports Injury Patient

I got an amazing massage from Mel, he really got deep down into my back, working my rhomboids. It’s been a weak point for me. I definitely recommend this to all athletes, personal trainers, and to all my clients cause right now I feel amazing!


Nadia Carpio- Sports Massage Paitent

I came today to get a massage for my shoulders because I overtrained them. My Physical Therapist was able to explain why they were hurting. Turns out I had a slight dislocation and my tendons were too tight from doing too many shoulder workouts. I couldn’t even lift my arms up without having no pain. Now I feel so much better, I almost cried not gonna lie, because now I can actually move my arms without any pain! I am super excited and I really recommend Melvin, it’s been a great experience!



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