What I Offer:

Muscular therapy  treats a variety of pain, injury, body perception and muscle tension problems. Techniques are used specifically to reduce scar tissue that accumulates because of injury to soft tissue structures in the body.

Orthopedic Massage

1) injury evaluation: During an orthopedic session I will assess the injury using information based on the consultation. These are simple but precise physical tests that help determine where the exact site of injury resides.

2) Treatment: This involves working on the actual site of injury with cross fiber friction techniques. After the friction, time is spent massaging the area around the injury to increase circulation and promote healing. If the injury is due to overuse or stress relaxing the entire person will be a part of the session.

3) Homework: In most cases you will be given a very precise protocol of movement, stretching and icing to assist in the tissue healing.

Relaxation massage Consciousness Clearing Bodywork is my most popular session. There is nothing else like it. This session focuses advanced healing energy into your body to clear out the “old story”…the habitual patterns of thought and feelings held in the body. As these are cleared there's a new sense of embodied Presence and lightness. Clients report release from the effects of past trauma, reduced negative thinking, improved sleep, increased energy, expansive feelings, etc.

Deep Tissue Massage Deep tissue and myofascial work address the muscular and connective tissues using various methods that elongate and alter the fascia layer, increasing range of motion and pain free mobility, as well as releasing trigger points, often called 'knots', within the muscle itself. This deep work requires extra time to warm up the tissue, breaking up scar tissue (adhesions), and releasing trigger points. This work is highly recommended to rehabilitate injury or to alleviate chronic pain.


Massage and other body-oriented practices bring us back to center. And when we are centered, we experience peace, balance, clarity of mind and joy. Regularly scheduled sessions remind us of what centered feels like, and can actually readjust our body's "set point" so we can more quickly return to center after experiencing life's challenges. And, of course, regular massage and healing work can also make the journey more pleasurable and effort-less! Wellness is a state of mind where health and joy are possible in each moment. It's a journey into deeper levels of Presence…into relaxation, creativity and inspiration that are our natural gifts. You can experience harmony in all aspects of yourself. An ordinary moment can become extraordinary, where feeling "okay" becomes living life fully, even ecstatically. Body-oriented work can help. Melvin teaches and provides Massage Therapy as a method for stress reduction, calmness, and awareness of subtle changes in the body posture.


I do offer home visits for those who cannot get to the locations. These session run 60 to 90 minutes.  The rate is $175 dollars.