Information is everywhere now, which in some regards, is good. However, this abundance of information can be quite confusing at times.

But, when you take one of my classes, you’ll find the structure and order you’ve been seeking. Learn the fundamentals of spirituality, metaphysics, occultism, and other sciences, from a true teacher, and sore to mastery. Sign up NOW to reserve your spot in one of our live video classes.

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Become a Living God

This class is for people who desire to live a magical life style. I will personally teach you how to master basic magical concepts. After this 4 week class is over you will know how to now handle your life magically.
You will also have the ability to become more in control of your advanced spiritual work too! Ultimately, once you get your human life under control, this class will equipped you with the information to master your conscious power as well. The class will help conscious people return to the god/goddess legacy that is naturally theirs.

Class Fee $300.00







I created these spiritual classes to further educate those curious in deepening their consciousness and to be able to answer some of the questions I get asked, as well as to elaborate on the various channels, impressions or situations that may come through, during spiritual consultations.

You may pay in advance by making a full or partial payment below.


If making a partial payment, final payment is due 1 week before the class.

BLG Class